The Manitoba Antique Association (MAA) was founded in 1967. The origin goes back to 1966 when Russell Pawley and Sheila Launenon met over a cup of coffee. They agreed that an antique club was needed where people having a common interest in antiques could meet, admire and preserve them.

An advertisement was placed in the newspaper asking for anyone interested to attend. The response was overwhelming and the beginnings of the club were well under way.

In 1969, a contest was held to obtain a suitable crest for the MAA. The members agreed to accept the emblem of the Red River Cart.

The following year, the formation of an antique library became a reality with the purchase of nine books on different phases of antique identification. The library continues today with more than 700 reference books on antiques and collectibles.

In 1972, a "show and tell" was introduced where a member or guest gives a talk and/or provide a display on their collection or interest. Today, this is one of the highlights of our meetings. Meetings conclude informally with refreshments.

Guests are welcome!